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“Hi, I’m Alicia Donahue. I’m a wife, step-mom and clinical social worker. Like you, I’m tired of divisive political games leaving hard working Minnesotans and families behind. I’m running for the Minnesota State Senate to change that and find common ground to keep our streets safe, strengthen our economy through responsible tax cuts, support our schools, and ensure women have equality under the law.

November 8th, vote for me, Alicia Donahue for the Minnesota State Senate and let’s build a stronger community, together.

Paid for by the Campaign Fund of Alicia for 54.”

Alicia Donahue State Senate
Prepared and paid for by the Campaign Fund of Alicia for 54
738 Dakota Circle, Shakopee, MN 55379

Senate District 55 is now 54. Every 10 years the state redraws district lines to account for changes in the district’s population after collecting data from the Census. This year the change also includes a change in our senate district number. Senate District 54 includes Shakopee, Prior Lake, Jordan & the Townships of Jackson, Louisville, Sand Creek & Spring Lake.