Endorsements and Distinctions

Minnesota DFL Endorsed
From Alicia

“On April 23, 2022 I was absolutely honored to earn the unanimous vote for endorsement to become the DFL endorsed Minnesota State Senate candidate for District 54.”

Run For Something

Run for Something is a groundbreaking National organization invested in making important changes to support the middle and working class by building the progressive bench from the bottom-up.

From Alicia

“In June, I joined the endorsed class of candidates from 30 states. I am thrilled to have their support as one of only a handful of endorsed races in Minnesota and honored to join their mission to build a bench of progressive leadership across the country.”

Endorsed by Progressive Turnout Project

Progressive Turnout Project is the largest voter contact organization in the country, specifically dedicated to mobilizing the Democratic Party and defending democracy.

From Alicia

“Connecting one on one with people in our community and hearing what matters to them is a cornerstone of my campaign. I am proud to be endorsed by PTP who shares this value and works across the nation to support campaigns building relationships with their community.”

Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota action fund Endorsed

Planned Parenthood’s mission is to ensure all people have access to the care and resources they need to make informed decisions about their bodies, their lives, and their futures. Founded in 1916, Planned Parenthood is a trusted health care provider, educator, and passionate advocate here in the U.S. as well as a strong partner to health and rights organizations around the world.

From Alicia

“As the only pro-choice candidate in the race for state senate in 54, I know exactly what is on the ballot in November. Women’s sovereignty over their bodies. I am honored to be endorsed by Planned Parenthood who works to ensure people, not the government, get to make decisions about their reproductive health care.”

Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate 2022

Moms Demand Action is a grassroots movement of Americans fighting for public safety measures that can protect people from gun violence.

From Alicia

“Thank you to Moms Demand Action for the Gun Sense Distinction. We all want to keep our families safe. It is not about ‘gun control.’ It’s about preventing gun violence in all its forms. It’s about encouraging gun safety and responsible gun ownership.”

Protect Minnesota Advocacy Fund

Protect Minnesota is an independent, state-based organization devoted to gun violence prevention in Minnesota.

From Alicia

“Thank you to Protect Minnesota for their endorsement. I am committed to policies that will keep guns from falling into the wrong hands, restrict tools designed for mass murder, and ensure the safety of our communities.”

OutFront Minnesota Action

OutFront Minnesota’s mission is to create a state where lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people are free to be who they are, love who they love, and live without fear of violence, harassment or discrimination. We envision a state where LGBTQ individuals have equal opportunities, protection and rights. We are working toward the day when all Minnesotans have the freedom, power and confidence to make the best choices for their own lives.

From Alicia

“I am honored to have the support of Out Front Action Minnesota. I appreciate their unending support to the mission of ensuring equality for all Minnesotans and look forward to partnering with them to continue my work doing the same.”

DFL Veterans Caucus

The DFL Veterans’ Caucus serves as a voice for veterans in the political process.

From Alicia

“Supporting our nation’s heroes who have made the decision to serve our country and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice is not something I take lightly.

Throughout my career I have had the privilege of supporting our veterans in finding housing, connecting with mental health services and locating chemical dependency programs for those carrying trauma from the line of duty.

I will continue that work at the state level fixing our services and systems failing our veterans!”

Women Winning: She runs. We win.

When a bipartisan group of 25 women established the Minnesota Women’s Campaign Fund in 1982, only 14% of Minnesota legislators were women. In 2007, they became Women Winning and today are Minnesota’s largest and most influential women’s political organization. Women Winning has trained and endorsed thousands of pro-choice women candidates across the state and for all levels of office, and has more than tripled the number of pro-choice women state legislators, county commissioners, and mayors.

From Alicia

“It is an honor to be endorsed by Women Winning. They have endorsed so many of the trailblazing women I look up to. I am thrilled to be in the company of so many of Minnesota’s strongest leaders as we fight to protect people’s fundamental right to make decisions about their reproductive healthcare.”

Stonewall DFL

Stonewall DFL is the LBGTQ caucus of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor party. They work for a safe and equitable Minnesota by electing lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and allied Democrats to public office in Minnesota and to party office in the Minnesota DFL.

From Alicia

“Amplifying the voices of those who have been marginalized or silenced is a cornerstone of my campaign. As a clinical social worker, I have spent a large portion of my career working with individuals from the LGBTQ community. I believe we need folks in the legislature who will fight to ensure equality for all Minnesotans.”

MAPE: Minnesota Association of Professional Employees

MAPE (Minnesota Association of Professional Employees) members work in all segments of state of Minnesota service, and they are significant contributors to the high quality of life that is enjoyed by all Minnesotans! MAPE members deliver the services that make it all possible!

From Alicia

“As a former MAPE member when I worked for the State of Minnesota, I am truly honored to have their support and endorsement. The services provided by the State of Minnesota work because the members of MAPE work. I look forward to my continued work with the members of MAPE as I call upon their knowledge of state services, what works and what needs improvements as we all work together to build a stronger community and a thriving Minnesota.”

Community Members

Photo of a smiling woman with shoulder-length blond hair wearing a grey cap, plaid shirt with a black vest and a black and white scarf

Michelle Bahr, MA, LADC
LGBTQ Advocate
Owner/Therapist at MN New Life Recovery Services LLC in Shakopee

“I am proud to know and endorse Alicia. She is a strong human rights advocate. She is truly committed to our communities in her service, word and deed. I trust her as she boldly fights for all of us, especially those marginalized by society.”

Black and white image of a woman with short dark hair, wearing a light-colored blouse with her head resting on her closed hand

Ornela Beslagic-Bjerke
Health Care Worker
Resident of 54

“As a health worker I appreciate Alicia always advocating for and promoting safety measures against COVID. In our community there are many voices who were ignoring horrific outcomes of COVID and Alicia made sure that voices of science and knowledge are heard, as well.

She is compassionate about racial and equity issues, and she speaks up against hate against any marginalized group. Alicia is spoken about her support for mental health care reform and about ending stigma that causes many not to seek help when needed.

I believe that having such a knowledgeable, compassionate and driven leader is what we need right now to make changes that would better our community. Alicia is exactly the person who can help bring together people after a couple years of great divide.”

Photo of a woman smiling, with long dark hair, white shirt and denim jacket

Linda Simenstad
Resident of Shakopee

“I’m proud to support the valuable skills that Alicia has demonstrated through her career as a clinical social worker. Her ability to observe, diagnose needs, create an effective plan, consult and communicate with affected parties have led to the implementation of meaningful change. We need her voice to advocate for our community.”

Jeff Goldy
Resident of Prior Lake

“Alicia works helping people and does that with empathy. She will bring that focus on people to the state senate. She will support healthcare and public education for everyone. She believes in diversity, unity, and equality. We need more of that and people like her in the state senate.”

Alicia Donahue State Senate
Prepared and paid for by the Campaign Fund of Alicia for 54
738 Dakota Circle, Shakopee, MN 55379

Senate District 55 is now 54. Every 10 years the state redraws district lines to account for changes in the district’s population after collecting data from the Census. This year the change also includes a change in our senate district number. Senate District 54 includes Shakopee, Prior Lake, Jordan & the Townships of Jackson, Louisville, Sand Creek & Spring Lake.